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For general media enquiries (UK):

For general media enquiries (PT):​

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PT Tour Full Branding Package (2024):

PT Tour Simple Branding Package (2024):

Usage of PT Tour's branding elements is permitted only for news reporting, or with explicit permission from a tournament director.
Unauthorized use may lead to legal action. For inquiries, contact the appropriate general media enquires above.

Please refer to the brand elements' guidelines below before using our branding.


PT Tour Logo

If you have been granted permission to utilize our logo, icons, or other trademarks, please adhere to the following guidelines. The logo should not be employed in a manner suggesting an endorsement or association with PT Tour, where such relationship does not exists, such as being showcased on a book cover or in a TV commercial.

When using our logo:

Use an appropiate colour

We typically request the use of the full two-tone colour version of our logo on a black background. The full black or white versions are also acceptable when constraints exist.

Do not alter our logo

Refrain from altering or distorting the logo, changing colors, or adding/removing extra elements.

Use correct padding

Ensure that the clear space around our logo is adequate enough, to avoid confusion or affiliation with content around it.

Avoid overcrowding elements

Avoid crowding the logo with images, text, or other graphics that may compromise its impact.

Maintain a clear structure

Incorporate the PT Tour logo as a supporting element within a context that clearly defines the role of PT Tour.

Do not exaggerate

Avoid using the logo as the most prominent element or in a manner that implies affiliation or endorsement.